Our Services...

Repointing / Brick Repairs

Essex Pointing provide solid brick and sound pointing work. We believe this is a must to avoid complications associated with damp. We recommend a weather struck joint when re pointing, however, we are able to provide a number of alternatives to suit your needs.

Paint Removal

Essex Pointing offer a specialist paint removal service. Unwanted paint is dissolved with specialist masonry chemicals and thorough hydro cleansing. Once this process is complete the bricks are left undamaged and once again displaying their natural colour and beauty.

Brick Cleaning Services

Our brick cleaning service uses a specially formulated cleaning solution that will not damage the brick work and removes unsightly atmospheric soiling and returns the brick work to it’s original colour.

Stone Cleaning

Essex Pointing provide a labour intensive stone cleaning service that is ultimately, highly rewarding and beautify to the property. This process involves nebulous spray cleaning which once completed will return stone to it’s former glory.

New Stone/Stone Repairs

This is a specialist area of work and we deal with all aspects of stone relating to the exterior of buildings.


At Essex Pointing we will supply all necessary scaffolding from start to the finish of the works. Essex pointing hold full public, employers and product liability insurance.

Our method of brick cleaning...

At Essex Pointing we use a specialist range of acid chemicals to carry out brick cleaning the acid is applied to brick work and removed using high pressurised water machine leaving the brick face completely clean and free of built up grime and pollutants, unlike sand blasting which simply defaces and damages the brick and leaves it extremely pourous allowing for water rentention that can absorb into the property causing more damage than good.

It is very important that raking out is carried out properly as where the pointing gets its strength is through correct raking out. The correct depth should be 15-30mm depending on type of brickwork. The primary tools used in the brick cleaning process are 5inch grinders with diamond blades, Hilti Breakers , Hand Hammers and Dust Extraction units.

Essex Pointing use a wide range of materials depending on the property from Lime Mortar on heritage buildings to lime cement mortar on modern buildings.

We carry out a majority of works that allow us to a truly diversified brick pointing and brick restoration firm aswell as repointing, brick Cleaning we off complete services in brick restoration, scaffolding , water sealant application and even driveway Cleaning and sealants.